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"I am the very proud father of Rasheed and the rest of my children-Tyquan,
Khalifah(Elijah), Yasmeen,Ahmed and Hamzah. I want to thank each, and every
one of you for making Du’a (Praying) for Rasheed’s recovery.
I believe in the power of Du’a now more than ever before."

The Story Behind Miracle Come Back

AsalamuAlaikum and hello, my name is Bilal Markis and i am from Milwaukee Wisconsin USA and the founder of the non profit organization called Miracle Come Back. On August 3rd 2009 my 12 year old son Rasheed rode his bicycle through a red light and was run over by two automobiles driving in opposite directions. My son was taken to children’s hospital and was given less than a 5% chance of survival due to the extent of his injuries. My son lost One kidney, half his liver, crushed one lung, broke his pelvis and lost 46 pints of blood in surgery. Our (Du’as)prayers were answered on August 8th 2009 when my son woke up out of his coma. I thank Allah(swt) and blood donors for saving my sons life.

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Miracle Come Back started on August 3rd 2009 when 12 year old Rasheed rode his bicycle through a red light and was ...
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