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My name is Bilal Markis. On August 3rd, 2009 my 12 year old son Rasheed rode his bike through a red light and was run over by 2 SUVs driving in opposite directions. My son’s injuries were so severe that he lost one kidney and half of his liver, broke his pelvis, crushed one lung and lost 46 pints of blood through surgery (red blood cells, plasma and platelets). Against all odds, my son not only survived but is mentally and physically doing better today than before his accident, according to his doctors and teachers. Initially, the therapist said that my son would need a minimum of two years of therapy, but just after about 3 months of therapy, they said he was finished and needed no more.

Rasheed’s Miracle of Life has taught me and my children many things. The first thing I’d like to mention is, as Muslims we took advantage of this opportunity to do Da’wah and to bring those Muslims who are down and out to say “never give up on Allah (swt).” He has given my son not only a second chance at life, but a second chance at doing good things for other people. My son being alive is no accident, but a miracle, and inshAllah, many people have taken this opportunity already to strengthen their belief Allah (swt).

This whole ordeal has motivated us to organize blood drives that I call “Miracle ComeBack” blood drives. We just did our second one with the BloodCenter of Wisconsin at the end of June and I will soon be organizing our third one inshAllah. Also, I have been working with Wheel and Sprocket (a bike shop) on doing bike safety presentations in schools. I’m taking every opportunity to spread this positive message. People ask me once in a while how far I plan on carrying this message, my answer is “to the moon” if Allah (swt) allows me to.


Bilal Markis

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