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The MCB inspirations page i had created years back after my sons near death experience....some celebrities, athlete's, Islamic scholar, family and friends worldwide wrote about how they felt about my son Rasheeds miracle of life. We will add more inspirations as time goes on InshAllah( God willing).


"When my dad told me that my brother (Rasheed) was in the hospital I started to really worry, I thought he wouldn’t make it but he did. This is a sign of Allah. I’m really happy that he’s alive and o.k. I didn’t worry too much when he came out of the hospital the first time. Then when I heard that he went to the hospital again, I really worried. When I was in school and somebody asked me, “what happened to your brother”? I told her, and then I started to cry after. I thought that he wasn’t going to make it this time. But I’m happy with the conditions he is in right now.Now I know he’s alright because he’s acting like his usual self like he used to be, like he would tell me to be quite, and is mean like always.But I’m really happy that his conditions are alright, but the one thing I want to say is that he’s ok and doing well."Yasmeen Markis: (Rasheeds sister)

"I was SHOCKED! I couldn’t think straight at all when I got the news about my grandson’s accident. I came to Wisconsin as soon as I could, to be with him. When I arrived, the doctors reassured me that he was improving daily. And once I left back to Indiana, I made sure that I told the family not to blame any one for his accident and told my son John(Bilal) to keep me updated on Rasheed’s recovery. I never prayed so much in my life until I found out about this tragedy my Grandson was in. And everyone at my place of employment prayed for him as well. And we are so happy that he is doing so well now. Rasheed I can’t wait to see you soon."Ann Markis: (Rasheeds Grandmother)

"I am the very proud father of Rasheed and the rest of my children-Tyquan, Khalifah(Elijah), Yasmeen, Ahmed and Hamzah. I want to thank each and every one of you for making Du’a (Praying) for Rasheed’s recovery. I believe in the power of Du’a now more than ever before. Always, Always and Always when thinking about what became of my son; keep in mind that Allah is in control of life and the death. People die in the lazy chair and people have survived falls from many stories high. May Allah reward each and every one of you Ameen!" Bilal Markis: (Rasheeds father) and i am the founder and CEO of the non profit organization called Miracle Come Back(MCB)

"Thank you Allah for giving my brother Rasheed a second chance to live. I started thinking about life more after this accident that happened. I felt shocked and worried on that night when it happened. This is a miracle of Allah. Allah is the most Powerful and the most Merciful. I am starting to live a much betterlife because of what happened.I am more thankful for what I have now and for what I don’t." Elijah Markis: (Rasheeds brother)

"Rasheed’s recovery was a miracle. It was truly a blessing from God. My family and I are so proud of Rasheed. He is an amazing young man. We love him. All our love, Lindsay,Chris and Riley. Lindsay Markis: (Rasheeds cousin) "

"About Rasheed, He got the best medical treatment, He had the best eagerness to survive, and He got the best support from the surrounding loved ones. All three aspects are necessary for curing of illness, and the most necessary was Allah has shown that all the best things were nothing without His willingness. We could see the power of Du’a (Prayer) to get His willingness here." Nuryanti Basuni: Wife of Bilal Markis and (Rasheeds step mother)

“Allah knows the best for us. Absolutely. I believe about that. It is my faith. That’s why, I believe that I can go through everything in this world insaAllah. First I heard about Rasheed’s miracle, it makes me trust more n more to Allah. Lahaulawala kuwataillabillah, there is no strength except from Allah. A boy like Rasheed certainly valuable for the father, especially with the view of Bilal’s personality who really loves his children. Who have never want to lose the person he loves? Definitely no.But with faith and patience Bilal, incessant prayer to God. God heard his prayer. And when faith and patience it done. Allah will give him more. Now, everything seems more beautiful, all appear to be more happy. Why? Because now Rasheed has a mother, Nur Yanti, my cousin brother. They were met by the events he experienced Rasheed. More stories you may ask Bilal. Lately, I'm also facing the same thing. One unfortunate that I never thought before. Amid a struggling effort. My father had to do surgery because of an accident. Requires a lot of fund. The first obvious thing is heartbreaking, but after thinking. Had not the father and mother who had raised the funds are not counted. Surely the funds I spend not much compared to their sacrifice for me so far. I spend funds that I have saved quite a long time, and coupled with the proceeds of those great people (friends of friends on the radio where I work). There are many lessons from this incident. One of them is how incredible the brotherhood of Islam that I have. I'm grateful to work with those special people who gave up his life to preaching Islam. Yes on the radio where I work, they do not just work. They also preach (“dakwah”). Even our leaders say it's not radio-profit institution is the institution Islamic propagation. Our primary duty is as a preacher or a person who preaches. In addition, of course I'm grateful God strengthens us as a family and getting closer with family, made me more aware of the importance of sacrifice for the elderly. People often think of God when his sad and often neglect to remember Allah when happy. May we not part of them. Amen ... Thanks for my beloved brothers and sisters and Nur Bilal. My beloved Rasheed and my big family.” Siti: (cousin of Nuryanti)

Famous People

After being attacked by 2 four meter Great White sharks and staring at the one face to face for a few seconds, I realized how there has to be a God out there who hears our cries for help and saves us. Thinking about Rasheeds near death experience made me realize that God is everywhere and able to miraculously save and help anyone out of the most impossible situations! The odds against him, like in my incident, were extremely high, but yet he survived! Sometimes we need to reflect on things like that and understand that there is a meaning and purpose for us to be alive and that we should never take life or even who we are for granted! I hope Rasheed really uses this opportunity to find the real purpose in life and able to share it with many people in his area of influence...... (Surfer Coach/ S. Africa) Shannon Ainslie: Attacked by 2 Great White Sharks in South Africa and survived

"The reason for death according to the Qur'an is the" end of time that Allah has set for a person; no one dies because of war, in an accident or with an illness; but the cause of death is one: Order of Allah; Rasheeds case is a clear proof of this fact." Dr. Mohammed Malkawy: Professor of computer science, activist, builder of a new world order based on islam and writer of the book "Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam".

Hello Bilal..... Your website is excellent......I am happy to see your son has pulled through this horrific event..... It is a show of will and a test of one's strength and zest for life. Be as proud as I know you are and cheers to you for being the great father figure you be. All my best to you and your family ! Bruce Buffer: Veteran voice of the Octagon "UFC" Ultimate Fighting Championship.

"WOW. God keep blessing Rasheed and his family. You are damn lucky to be alive!" Tommy Morison: Former Heavy Weight Champion and best known for starring alongside with Sylvester Stallone in Rocky V.

"Make no mistake about it, God…not doctors determines who lives or dies, period!" Demond Wilson: He played the role in the 1970s tv sitcom as Lamont Sanford in "Sanford and Son"

"I am a Man of few words... but after witnessing the Remarkabl Recovery of Rasheed Markis... I have to Bear Witness: Everything is Possiblle with The Power of God. It ain't over till God says, "It's Over". My Sincerest Daily Prayers are with Rasheed and the Markis Family... May He Keep You All in His Most Merciful Embrace! Your Friend Always," James Quick Tillis: Former Heavy Weight boxer and the only boxer in the 80s to give Iron Mike Tyson a run for his money.

"HI, Yes its me, if you mean the Air India Plane crash. I was the only survivor. Thanks to Allah, your son and i survived. Give my salaams to my little brother Rasheed. Sabrina Nasrin Huq: Known for being the only survivor in the Air India airplane crash that killed over 200 People."

"I am so glad you survived and that you have a second opportunity in life. Just as I did on 9/11, when all hope was waining, when death was at my side, I was spared and as you, my life was transformed. Make the best of this opportunity to help others and to make positive changes in people's lives. Blessing to you and your family. Always." William "The last man out" Rodriguez: William was the last survivor out of the 9-11 twin towers and later exposed the official story. He also accepted Islam on December 25th 2007

Elvis Thao has worn a variety of hats in his past and is currently an up and coming Film Director/Actor/Musician located in Chicago, IL. In music, he is the lead singer/songwriter in his Milwaukee based Folk/Rock band called “The Creatives” which released a recent record titled “The Water Street Experiment”. They have recorded with: Members of The Violent Femmes, Kings Go Forth, Plastic Land, including Drummer Rich Stitzel, Bassist Chris Clemente, Blues Guitarist Mike Wheeler, etc. and have also performed with the likes of Victor DeLorenzo, Willy Porter and so on. They have also played well known venues in Milwaukee, such as: Summerfest, Turner Hall Ballroom/Pabst Theater and Shank Hall. In his past, he was a member of the rap group RARE of Shaolin Entertainment also based out of Milwaukee, WI. A rap trio, who were the most recognized icons of his people and ran the most successful Hip Hop recording studio in the Hmong scene, nationally, on the road traveling and touring, performing and building their careers and pushing through to the mainstream for many years. They've worked alongside and opened for many big name Industry artists such as: Ludacris, Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas, Pharrel Williams, Talib Kweli, DJ Screw (Screwed Up Click), Yukmouth (of Luniz), Afrika Bambaataa, and so on. They were looked at by several record labels/A&Rs, and have performed at notorious venues throughout the country including: The Rave (Milwaukee, WI), Alliant Energy Center (Madison, WI), Cotton Club (Chicago, IL), Aldrich Arena (Maplewood, MN), Myth Nightclub (Maplewood, MN), Rainbow Ballroom (Fresno, CA), Club Frequency (Atlanta, GA), etc. in which they sold out shows as headliners to as much as 1,400 – 2,200 attendees, thus enhancing the music revolution for the Asian community which garnered Thao several awards and nominations. They are to the Hmong rap scene, what Muddy Waters was to the Blues, what Beatles was to rock, what MJ was to pop and what Jimi Hendrix did to influence music in general. It was a dawn of a new era for them. They made hit songs that their people will remember and sing for generations on in. Specifically their acclaimed anthem “Hmong Tuag Nthi” which landed them a Hollywood film score in the Warner Bros. motion picture “Gran Torino” by legendary Director Clint Eastwood. With that, they have a list in their own personal category. And as all of their fans have said over and over again, their songs will go down in history and will be remembered 50 years from now as a reminder of the mark they made in their community impacting their people. It’s now time they pass the torch. May a new anthem be sung. After 10 years, 4 albums, managing 2 other artists with 4 albums and selling thousands on the road, Thao has disbanded with his rap career and a full feature documentary is in the works for them. Thao is now content with his current Rock band and is also pursuing Acting and Film Producing, which he plans to implement music in cinema. In other areas of his career, Thao also sponsored and was involved in a lot of charities, recreation and volunteer work. He is an activist who works with the community and small organizations. Community involvement and social advocate, public speaker, outreach, workshop and discussion, event coordinator/organizer, plus presenter. He is a graduate of Public Allies (AmeriCorps) 2009 and has a certificate in the Philanthropy Incubator Project from Cardinal Stritch University. He has been hired at many Universities across the states, regionally and has appeared in many publications, radio stations and television news/media, nationally. In the media outlet, he’s even compared to the likes of John Lennon by several critics and journalists – look for him. YOU design yourself. Let’s start the movement. Nominated for Hmong Wisconsin man of the year 2009. Won the 2010 Midwest Urban Empowerment Awards for Asian American Leadership. Top 5 ballot nominee for 88.9 RadioMilwaukee - “Solo Artist of The Year” awards. Received a certificate as an International 'Top 10' chart single “Take Me Back” on behalf of IAIRA - a Grammy affiliate 2010. Elvis Thao: Played in the Hollywood blockbuster hit movie Gran Torino alongside with Clint Eastwood and now MCB member.

Assalammu' Alaikum, Alhamdulillah. May Allah (swt) heal all those who are suffering. After every hardship there is relief. Allah (swt) gave you son a second chance that many did not get. Alhamdulillah. May He keep him strong and give him patience. Everything is in the hands of Allah (swt) and this life is nothing more than a trial for us.Baba Ali: Comedian, businessman, actor, game developer and recently played in the Halalywood movie "American Sharia"

Here is a little something: "Bilal Markis" and I met a couple of months ago through a mutual friend of ours - Elvis Thao. Since the beginning of our (Bilal and mine) friendship, we have been attempting to interface at some point to discuss his musical and creative projects. Soon, I discovered the tragic events which nearly took the lives of Bilal sons, Rasheed and Elijah - particularly, Rasheed who was put into an induced coma for an extended period of time. Notwithstanding the uncertain and precarious physical health conditions and professional medical diagnoses, in August 9th, 2009, Rasheed woke up and was reunited with his family. And it is the story of Rasheed's miraculous recovery that conceived myriad projects (Such as Miracle Come Back) to save the lives of others and to tell of the power of faith and love through times of great tumult. And I am honored to have been asked by Bilal to be a part of this process moving forward." Bee Vang: Main actor in the blockbuster hit movie Gran Torino alongside with Clint Eastwood


"I know that Rasheed will do things that God has in store for him and with the help of his family to continue to build on his strengths, courage and purpose to fulfill these goals Rasheed will continue being blessed." Marcia Ripley: Close family friend and former 1990s baby sitter for my sons Elijah and Tyquan. (family friend, since writing this in 2011 she has passed away)

"When I first heard about Bilal’s son getting hit by one vehicle and then another I immediately started supplicating for his safe recovery. My initial response was one of doubt that he would make it through but this goes to show what the power of prayer can do. When I visited Rasheed at the hospital I learned that he was modest and manner able. I took him some candy and gum and gave his father a small amount of money to buy something that he would like. When I read the article in the Spanish Journal which referred to his recovery as a miracle– I agreed and I am thankful and grateful to Allah Ta’ala for answering your prayers. I continue to pray for Bilal, Rasheed and the entire family for they will need to be strong and patient with the recovery process." Fareeda

"Salaam Brother Markis and to your son, Rasheed. Now the task is to ask Allah why your son was spared? You must bond with him fervently in prayer and seek his purpose in life, his destiny. Ask every day and wait everyday and seek for signs every day. Search out his gifts and promote them and make certain he remains humble. Follow your wife's advice regarding the boy, as mothers have a certain insight we men lack. All praise be to Allah. Regards and wasalaam." Zaid

"You have an amazing family. May Allah always look over youand give you the strength to deal with what ever life throws at you. Your son has all the support he will need… Best of luck always." Thuraya

“ALLAH is the Greatest and the Most Merciful, your son’s recovery is a sign to you that ALLAH loves you and does not wish bad things to you and your family, your son is lucky and he should always be grateful to ALLAH, may ALLAH bless him." Asiya

"It is unbelievable! The time that Rasheed recovered in is miraculous;I believe this can only be attributed as a sign from the One and Only Creator of the universe (Allah S.W.T). After being hit by not one but two vehicles, losing most of his blood, surgery, and removal of internal organs you would expect Rasheed to still be in critical condition. I remember seeing him up and walking around his hospital room after a week or so-talking, laughing, playing video games, and EATING PIZZA! He was functioning fully participating in community events and celebrations only a week or so after that. If you Looked at him today you would not guess that he was just in a critical accident. Al-hamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah) The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, The Best Healer andThe Best Disposer of Affairs.Yaquba

"My name is José A. and I am the person Bilal Markis reports to at work everyday. The day I received the call from Mr. Markis informing me that he would be unable to report to work that day because his twelve year old son was struck by two trucks going in two different directions my heart stopped. I have children and the first thought I had was, what it would be like to lose a child. He went on to inform me that Rasheed had lost a large amount of blood, and that the doctors had to remove his kidney and half his liver, I thought then for sure he had lost his son. I asked the lord to help him and; amazingly he did it. It is absolutely incredible to see him walking around again, it is defiantly a miracle to see him up and at it again. Faith is an absolute power that we all posses, but this was a true example for me. José A

"I remember when I first heard about a young boy who had been hit by a truck and was at Children’s Hospital. I only had limited information, but was told it didn’t look good for him. I began to make Du’a (pray) for him and then I had to go to the hospital.All I knew was that he was in a coma. I left the Masjid heading for the hospital, quietly making Du’a. When I arrived and was able to see Rasheed, it brought back so many memories of my own son, who had been in a similar situation years prior. And all I wanted to do was to be there for this young boy and his family. My heart was aching terribly bad for them. I walked into the ICU and saw Rasheed lying there lifeless, as it seemed, tubes, neck brace, monitors all around him. I took his hand and touched his head and made Du’a to Allah asking him to take care of Rasheed. I cried. I sat by his side and whispered Allahu Ahkbar (God is the Greatest) in his ear. I asked the nurse about his condition and she said it was a waiting game but I knew Allah’s will would be done, whatever that would be. I was hurting so bad inside.I stepped out to talk with his parents. His dad told me about the accident and that Rasheed had lost most of his liver and one of his kidneys. I tried to offer them words of comfort, but I knew from my own experience, that there were no words one could say at a time like that, that could really comfort them, but I tried anyways.From that day on, I spent everyday and most nights by Rasheed’s side. I couldn’t leave him. I knew his parents had other children to care for/jobs to go to and could not be there all the time. I understood this. I just wanted Rasheed to see a familiar face if and when he woke up. So each day as his mother and father, sister, brothers and others came to be at his side, we all would sit, talk and wait for a change in his condition. Praying for the best. With each passing day and surgeries he had to have, sometimes we were panicked, maybe even afraid. He was so small, so frail. He was totally dependant on others for everything. He couldn’t walk, sit up, feed himself or use the bathroom alone. This child had been through a lot. It would be a long road back for him. Everyday I would talk to Rasheed, telling him how much he was loved, reading Qur’an to him and making Du’a for him. I recall the nurse telling me that it wouldn’t do any good to talk to him, because he couldn’t hear me. I responded with “Only Allah knows if he can hear me”.Then one day me, his dad and Yasmeen were in the room, me on one side his bed, his dad and Yasmeen on the other. I asked Rasheed to squeeze my hand if he could. At first, there was no response. I asked again and then there was a slight movement in his fingers. Alhumdulilah!!! His dad didn’t see it but I felt it. So then I asked Rasheed if he could open his eyes for me. I didn’t have to ask twice. He opened his eyes and I said look Bilal!!! he opened his eyes. It was the most beautiful moment. Our hopes were lifted. I went to go get the nurse to tell her he had just opened his eyes. She came in to check him. It was amazing. Bilal and I stayed in there talking to him although he couldn’t talk back. I’m sure he heard us, he just couldn’t respond. Eventually Rasheed woke up and stayed awake. As the days passed, the tubes began to come out one by one. He still wasn’t able to eat by himself yet. I fed him and washed him up. We watched TV and he slept A LOT!!. He was constantly in pain and there was nothing I could do for him except pray that Allah would ease it for him. I began to keep a day by day log of Rasheed’s progress so he could see what he had come through by Allah’s grace. The neurologist had said that he may be able to remember some things for awhile and that some things may never come back to him. So I thought as he got older, one day he might want to know and whenever that time came, at least he would have my notes to read. One day after leaving to go home to change clothes, I came back to find him not in his room. His dad was there and said he was taken into surgery unexpectedly. He had been having pain in his stomach, and the Doctors realized that a prior surgery to reconstruct his intestines wasn’t done right. So he had to go back into surgery to have it corrected. From then on, it was a long slow waiting process to see how he would come along. Eventually, it was time for Rasheed to begin physical therapy. I remember his first step. Each step was painstakingly hard for him, but he worked hard and managed to come along quite well. His appetite increased and slowly he was able to feed himself. I watched as he became more interactive with others and his attention span grew longer. Before long Rasheed was sitting up on his own, walking without help and was ready to come home. Everyone was concerned about his care at home. Allah is most merciful. Sister Alimatu was able to provide that help. Alhumdulilah. I see Rasheed now and think back to when I first saw him in the hospital, I thank Allah for His blessings. Today Rasheed is running around, laughing, and playing just like every other child. One would never know what he has been through unless they knew first hand. Because he’s so young, I don’t know he’s able to grasp how to be grateful to Allah for His blessings on him. But inshAllah (God Willing) as he gets older I pray that he learns and I’m sure he will. I make Du’a that Allah will continue to bless Rasheed in his recovery and bless his family. Ameen" Sister Afriqua

"As for your son, I know it must have been devastating and heart breaking for you to endure so much sadness and sorrow, but surely Allah FAVORED you. Praise be to ALLAH! Surely HE is the possessor of Power over all things. With HIM, we have no friends nor any helpers! Thank you for teaching me your experience." -Quali-

"Hey my name is Illy. When I first met Rasheed Ali he was talkitive in turkish class. Thats the class we had together. He seemed like a nice boy. I didnt really know him or I didnt talk to him. Until one time he wrote to me on facebook and we started talking about how he was the loudest in the classroom when he first got there. He was funny most of the time. He was a smart kid but sometimes he just didnt want to act like it. We had our times we got along and our times when we didnt. I always told him when he wants to talk to someone about something im here to listen. I use to help him do his homework when he needed help. And he seemed happy to be around me because I was always there to help him. Sometimes I wondered why he will stay quiet and stay thinking to much sometimes. Until I found out his story of what happened to him. I wanted to cry so bad because that story touched my heart. I was happy to see him alive. I just wanted to go up to him and give him a big hug. I didnt really know nothing about what was happening to him. But now that I know alot about him. I see who he really is and that real Rasheed Ali is a smart, funny, friendly, sweet person. He should know that he gots a family that loves him and cares about him alot. No matter we will always have him in our hearts. Thanks to god that he protected him. When I first met Rasheeds sister Yasmeen. She was super nice to me. I met her at Wisconsin Career Academy. Thats the school I met Rasheed at also. Yasmeen would talk to me when she felt down. She already knew I would give her good advice. She is one of my closes friends. We always got along and always had our good times. When she told me how much she cares about Rasheed. I told her, 'he cares about u too and he always talked to me good things about you'. She had the biggest smile on her face. That made her day. She looked like she wanted to cry but in happy tears. Yasmeen is really smart and a good person to talk to. I will always be here for her when she needs me. This family is a good family. They love eachother and care about eachother. God will always be here for them. I will never forget about them. Ill always be here. Im a really close friend to this family and they should all know i really care. God Bless them." Illy

"I had the opportunity to speak to Rasheed and Bilal about the bike accident. I am amazed by Rasheed’s story and it proves that miracles really do happen, especially when prayer is involved.  I think it is comm-endable that Rasheed and his family have used his experience and turned it into something positive to help others. I look forward to staying in touch with this family to see the great things they continue to accomplish - God definitely has a plan for this family!" Danielle

"My name is Bianca (Muslim name Cala), I'm born Christian, but was researching Islam with intent to probably convert, when I came across your website. It brought me to tears, and it assured me that I am making the right choice! I just want to thank you for broadcasting the miracle God gave to you, for it has changed my life!! Salaams Cala"

"I am amazed by this miracle, I am friends with Rasheeds brother Elijah Markis since the begining of my Sophomore school year and when Eli first introduced me to Rasheed I would had never guessed that he had been in such a tragic accident. He walks, talks and his mind is in the right place. It's definetly a miracle if anyone was to meet him and to see the pictures of the accident in the past they would be amazed." Arun

I’ve had the fortune to meet Rasheed and his dad, Bilal, back in 2009. We first met about six months after Rasheed’s horrific bicycle accident. He and his dad attended the Wheel & Sprocket Bike Expo in Milwaukee to share his story (over 11,000 cyclists attend) and to help others learn from his experience. Since our initial meeting, Rasheed unknowingly helped create a very effective bicycle safety program with an age of children that aren’t always open to hearing “a lecture” from adults about safety…Rasheed reached these middle schoolers from Bruce-Guadalupe Community school. Once they heard his story, from that point you could hear a pin drop in the overfilled room. These children left with not only bicycle safety knowledge but the strong reminder that his accident could happen to anyone in a split second, changing lives forever. I’m glad that Bilal, Rasheed, his brother & sister have joined fellow cyclist each year since 2010 in the Ride of Silence. This short and completely quiet Ride is an international event on the same day and time each year remembering cyclists that have been killed or injured while riding. In Rasheed’s case, he was a fortunate one, but he carries his message to help others. We all have a better appreciation for our daily lives by having met Rasheed and his family.Liza

Who can deny the miracle of life? Even the most ardent atheist recognises the odds against life emerging on our planet. What are the odds of an Einstein, a Bach or Beethoven or a Rumi or Ghazalli emerging from the chaos that marks mankind’s own struggle to exist? To come forth and fill the world with such beauty? It is indeed a miracle! Is it any less so for one of our own? For one of our beloved children? The simple answer is no! We see miracles around us every day but we take them so much for granted, so when a treasured son is snatched away from the jaws of death (not by our efforts) we must celebrate it with all fervour and spirit! Rasheed is a prime example of a miracle in this day and age, played out before our very eyes. God, in His infinite Wisdom and Mercy, has given us this wonderful gift of life. We must embrace it, must recognise it and give thanks for it. So as I add my voice to the many who bare witness to this miracle. I would also like to celebrate and salute Bilal and his family for their courage and dedication. They have taken God’s gift as a rallying call to champion other miracles and initiatives that will, God-willing, affect the lives of so many! I would like to bear witness to the precious gift we have in Rasheed. So, from which every path of life you hail we urge you to spread the word and give thanks for miracles. Khaleel

Long time friend of the Markis family, and a first hand witness of the accident, that inspired the Miracle Comeback Foundation. I now reside in California, but still remain close to Rasheed and Bilal. The future of MCB and myself consists of spreading awareness and empathizing with others with our social media platform. I am excited for all our future endeavors and all MCB is becoming. Justin Dumbar

Bilal and his family have been a pleasure to work with on the website. Rasheed's story has touched the lives of many people and is such an inspiration for all of us to live our lives to the fullest, everyday. While working on the website, I have grown a great working relationship with Bilal and love to hear about the great progress of Rasheed, and how he has grown from this experience in such a positive way. I hope for Rasheed to continue his success and for him to have a great future. I hope this website can continue to grow and touch all of it's visitors. I am thankful to meet such an inspirational family and again, such a pleasure to work with. Thanks for the opportunity. Josh

After viewing miraclecomeback.com, I was very touched by the whole incident, and I remember us talking in person about it. I am truly thankful to Allah for Rasheed's complete recovery despite of his conditions at the time of the accident. I believe this is truly a miracle from Allah and we should all be thankful to the one responsible for Rasheed being with us today, and that is the one and only Allah Almighty. This is truly a very touching experience and anyone who is aware of Rasheed's miracle should also be aware of the fact that every day that we are alive is truly a miracle. On behalf of everyone who is aware of this miracle including myself, we are all truly thankful for Rasheed and his miracle. May the grace of Allah be with Rasheed and all of us. Ameen. Thank you. Salaam. -Zain-

My name is Donnie Zacharia and I am an FB friend of Bilal Markis. And Alhamdulillah last December I met him in a occasion in my campus mosque, Surabaya, Indonesia. Several months before I met him, I had known about his son, Rasheed. Rasheed was involved in a 2 vehicle accident where he lost over 40 pints of blood. a friend of mine, Dr David Jacob, an internist said that in Rasheed case, 80 percent ended with death. And what happened to Rasheed was a miracle. Subhanallah.. Iy yasya'yuz-hibkum wa ya'ti bi khalqin jadid..If Allah so pleased, Allah could blot you out and bring in a New Creation (Qur'an surah Fatir :16) Allah is the greatest and the most Merciful, Rasheed's recovery is clear evidence to us that Allah loves us more than we thought. Rasheed is an inspiration to everyone in this Allah world. We believe in Qadr (divine pre ordainment). All has been written in history of mankind by the greatest Allah SWT. Innal insana lafi khusr, Illal lazina amanu wa' amilus salihati wa tawasau bil haqqi wa tawasau bis sabr...Verily Man is in loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth, and of patience and constancy..(Qur'an surah Al Asr: 2-3). Rasheed, dont worry, you have Allah SWT and you have a good father. May Allah SWT always with us. Amiin