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NIMA MCB Member Bhutan I would like express my hearfelt acknowledgement to Mr. Bilal Markis, the founder of Non Government Organization, MIRACLE COME BACK (MCB) for bringing me into this Global MCB Team. I am Nima from Bhutan and I would like to share that I remain deeply inspired by the mission and farsighted vision of MCB. As I grew from a noble family I was into charity and I would like share that charity brought me up. Hence this opportunity as a MCB member would give me an opportunity to continue what I aspired to do. Blood drives, life savings and charity task. The story behind the initiation of this organization is far more inspiring. If we are to bring our walks and talks together on this global platfrom I find the potential in our MCB Team to make it a aspiring global organization to spread the message of peace and harmony around the world. The organization today has various members from around globe. We have members from America, Brazil, Uganda, Senegal, Indonesia,South Africa, Nigeria, Bhutan and many more locations. This makes our team socially and culturally diversified. These are our strengths to make our MCB mission a reality. To spread the MCB aims and values at my place, Bhutan. I am planning to start a campaign through charity task because I feel the need of encouragement and education on how important are blood drives. These are our principle aims and we need to promote it to reach the message of peace to maximum number of people. Through this campaign and charity work I will be able to encourage my people to donate blood and involve into life saving task. And individually as I like writing I can contribute myself into promoting the aims of MCB by writing articles and feature stories of Global MCB Task. I am sure I won’t be able to achieve this alone but I am confident that MCB family members are with me to make our goals a reality. Good luck to the team and I wish our MCB ride be a successful journey.


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