Miracle Come Back

Ride For Life's Page

Our MCB Ride for Life page i had created as a result of my sons near death experience and to bring safety awareness to bicyclist while on the road. By bringing in bicyclist to MCB, i am hoping they will talk about MCB with their bicycle club members and promote MCB as we will promote them too. Also i hope our bicyclist will get involved in organising MCB blood drives where they live or join existing MCB blood drives. The more you do for MCB the more MCB will promote you.


Hello my name is Clovis. I am a member of the MCB Brasil group. Let us plant the group's goal in the hearts of the good people and help the world.


AsalamuAlaikum...my name is Mohamed Hamid mohamed salih ..I was born 15/9/1987 and live in Sudan in umbadah exactly ..I'm a member of the sudanese national cyclists team beside I work as a volunteer in teaching English for the beginners ...our final outside Participation in cycling was the African continental Road championship 2017in Aluxor in Egypt and nowadays we are getting ready for Tour de Eritrea. .so glad to be a member of MCB Ride for life Sudan whishing to be active and useful member InshAllah.


Hello my name is Epaphodite burundian, I am secondly school and am chef bicycle team in our quarter we are so good whith MCB . We are preparing a competition the next month but the problem is some use but whith MCB We hope it will be well.


Am Salome from Kenya. I am a cyclist - Team Tripollo has built my cycling career in great way. I heard of MCB February 2017 from the Founder Mr. Bilal. Learning from the members of MCB of all the activities they do was very encouraging and that gave me the interest to be part MCB and be part of organizing riding event with cause with my fellow cyclists. As a Cyclist, creating awareness of safety, honour cyclists champions who get accidents or die during their career is what I ride to. Rasheed through the power of the Almighty he over came a terrible accident and that brings us together to Support Miracle Come Back Ride for Life


I'm Paul, hailed from Edo, but reside in the central north of Nigeria. Am 18year old, and a kinda bicycle lover. I work at Kwara state cycling team, and I feel very happy being part of the MCB family,,,, and am ready to risk everything for it. I'll like to take MCB ride for life in Ilorin cause that's where I presently reside and also work.


My name is Ndayiragije Rashid a.k.a Fabrice born in 1988 at Muyinga the north province of Burundi in east Africa, i studied and have a diploma of arts i speak four languages *English,French,Swahili and Kirundi* i work now in Republic Bank of Burundi my Religion is *Islam* and still have both of my parents (mother and father) i was born in a family of 10 children and i'm the fourth. I'm happy to have joined MCB and i would like to take MCB so far, it's my happiness that MCB is known by all where i live and even at job. The improvement of MCB will make me happy coz it's a good project for life


I am David Abotsi and I'm from Ghana.....live in central region in Kasoa Adade rode, I am a cyclist. Am very happy about MCB and happy to be a member......MCB is a good globally in which I have be part of the membership I love MCB.......May we grow up MCB


Since the age of 3, Alsanosi Ahmed has been a keen cyclist using his bike to commute to school for 11 years. After being away from the saddle for 5 years, Ahmed made a strong comeback with road bikes and co-founded a local cycling group that promotes bicycling and rider’s safety .Their group is rapidly growing with more supporters in and outside Sudan. Miracle Come Back is an inspirational incident that shows how life and death are close and sense of community. MCB has inspired me to encourage myself and others to donate blood need to help others. In August, our cycling group will work with medial societies involved in blood donation to highlight MCB story and expand it across the country.


I am Moses Katende from Kampala Uganda, a cyclist by professional and a former champion east and Central and Uganda. I joined MCB when my friend Faris told me about MCB I was so touched when I heard about Rasheeds accident. And in cycling we always get accidents etc. I am happy to be part of MCB Ride for Life Uganda


My name is Ndangizi Bernard i live Kigali, Rwanda i am self employment i ride bicycle for 5 years i feeling good i very happy to see non profit organizations MCB and i am very happy to be one of members of MCB