AsalamuAlaikum and hello, my name is Bilal Markis and i am from Milwaukee Wisconsin USA and the founder of the non profit organization called Miracle Come Back. On August 3rd 2009 my 12 year old son Rasheed rode his bicycle through a red light and was run over by two automobiles driving in opposite directions. My son was taken to children’s hospital and was given less than a 5% chance of survival due to the extent of his injuries.

My son lost One kidney, half his liver, crushed one lung, broke his pelvis and lost 46 pints of blood in surgery. Our (Du’as)prayers were answered on August 8th 2009 when my son woke up out of his coma. I thank Allah(swt) and blood donors for saving my sons life. My son not only survived, but is doing better today than before his accident mentally and physically. He’s now Rasheed got married in 2015 and his wife gave birth to my first Grandchild on my birthday January 13th 2016.

Due to my son Rasheeds miracle of life story, i decided i needed to do something, so i started organizing blood drives called Miracle Come Back to help save others lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA. We have now completed several blood drive’s and my non profit organization is in Africa(Uganda Nigeria Ghana Gambia Senegal Somalia Kenya Togo South Africa Rwanda Zimbabwe Tanzania Burundi and more to come. We are also in Indonesia Mexico Brazil and more to come. We support those who support MCB. We have MCB musician’s around the world , we also have MCB athletes too such as Boxers, Rugby players , track sprinters and bicyclist . Recently I created a bicycle ride called “MCB Ride for Life and hope InshAllah(God willing) will become successful worldwide too. If you want to join MCB( Miracle Come Back ) please email me here Bilal Markis or inbox me on fb ( Bilal Markis FaceBook ). MCB is for people of all colors, MCB is for people of any nation and MCB is for people of any religion or who have no religion. Bilal Markis founder of MCB( Miracle Come Back) God bless