I had this MCB blood drive page created , to get people around the globe involved in organising MCB blood drives. The people and groups involved in doing this will be promoted on our website here, later be on radio with us and more. My son was saved by 46 people donating and i feel a sense of responsibility to do the same….any questions please go to the contact me page.

I am Abdullah Black Gomani, a Business Consultant, Farmer and Miner who lives in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. My first encounter with brother Bilal MARKIS was a memorable day. My mind got lost in thoughts that he is recruiting terrorists and this shocked me. What on earth is this man driving me into. After explanation, that’s when I embraced MCB because i now believed in him and i already been donating blood here in Zimbabwe under Pledge 25 campaign. We have organised three successful blood drives here in Zimbabwe and we hope to do great things for MCB Zimbabwe blood drives so we can continue saving a lives. We expect to negotiate the rough terrain currently experienced in our country. We don’t lose hope for we know as a Team MCB Challenges are part of our life.

Abdullah Black Gomani From Zimbabwe

I’m talented in many areas such as music(singing), Journalism, and movie acting. I have a team with me which is called AGASAGO ENTERTAINMENT. I live in CANKUZO the province of BURUNDI and i am happy to have joined Miracle Come Back (MCB) because it’s a team who have the wonderful program that unites people worldwide, saves lives and promotes talemts. I have read about MCB story it was difficult for me to hear that. But i must say something to RASHEED , GOD know us it’s better to rescue other people who have many problem! thanks to MCB members and thanks to BILAL MARKIS it’s a good thing to help other!

AGASAGO From Burundi

Ismail Hassan is my name a citizen of Uganda born in Gulu; a district found in Northern Uganda. I’m an Environmentalist by vocation, a blogger, motivational writer and speaker and the country Team Representative of Wildlife Africa (wildlifeafrica.org). I’m a community service enthusiast with great records of social change.Motor accidents is the largest claimant of life in Africa and the world over, similar to the core value in which Miracle Come Back (MCB) was established. As a volunteer with this charitable organization, I will engage with the country representatives in achieving the fundamental objectives to which MCB was established and further become a forerunner in the mission through supporting and engaging into blood donation drives, motor cycle sensitization etc.

Ismail Hassan From Uganda

My name is Khatib Ahmed Khatib. I’m Tanzanian. Born 15/01/1982. I’m a lawyer. Working at the High court. Being a member of the MCB as the blood drive organization I will try to plan and organize the blood drive within my staff community so as to make sure that donate blood in order to serve others lives as the main aim of our MCB organization.

Khatib Ahmed Khatib From Tanzania

Salamu’alaykum everyone I ‘am Mathurin Landy from Haiti, I’m happy to be among MCB members , one day I will hope organize Haitian blood drive via MCB In Haiti, because in Haiti the healthy is very costly up to now all the public hospitals is close, only the private hospitals is open, when some accident happen ,It’s very difficult for find blood ,for safe life in Haiti.

Mathurin Landy From Haiti

Musa Salisu MCB blood donor and ride for life organiser from Nigeria My name is musa Salisu from Nigeria, but I’m popularly known as Musa Henry, I’m the founder of MCB Nigeria. I was born November 4th 1988 in Kaduna state Nigeria, I’m Living in sabon Afaka mando Kaduna, I’m a drywall, painting and wallpaper installation contractor in my country, I joined MCB 4 to 5 years back, after sponsoring the first MCB song in Africa called breath again by Bmosh, a senior brother to me, I happens to be the first to join MCB in Nigeria and what inspired me to join the organization was after I read much about the story of MCB, and the nice approach I got from Bilal markis, Actually I have alot of plans for MCB on how we can make the organization more stronger and go worldwide, I’m really working on my first blood drive program and MCB ride for life, I’m pretty sure sooner in the nearest future we gonna make MCB a well known organization in the world and blood donation will be a culture to many societies. I will work with the best of my ability to the growth of MCB in the world as long as I live.

Musa Salisu From Nigeria

My name is Yahya John, i am a health activist, Board Chairperson 4 Islamic Community Radio and Programms Officer for Benaa Association for Culture & Development. Here in Zimbabwe we do Blood Drive once every year

Yahya John From Zimbabwe

Suleiman Bulbulia is Secretary of the Barbados Muslim Association. He is a Barbadian by birth whose father migrated to the island from Gujarat in India in the mid 1950’s. Suleiman’s was educated up to University level in Barbados graduating with an Honors degree in Management. He also spent two years in Saudi Arabia at the Arabic Language Institute of the King Saud University. Suleiman has represented the Muslims of Barbados at local, regional and international meeting and conferences. He also speaks and writes on issues relating to Islam, Muslims and the community in Barbados. He joined the MCB family a few years ago at the invitation of its founder, brother Bilal Markus. Suleiman coordinated the first MCB blood drive in Barbados in February 2017. He donated blood for the first time in his life on February 1, 2017 to kick off that blood drive.

Suleiman Bulbulia From Barbados

Hi 👋 Everyone! My name’s Baye Demba DIAGNE, friends call me Vieux. I was born in December 1980 in Dakar Senegal 🇸🇳. We speak wolof, by the way NA NGUEEN DEFF (means what’s up!), french and English for some. I integrated MCB Senegal because of Elhadj Gueye our leader who explained me the main purpose of the organization. That sounded great to me saving is more than whatever. I am an accountant even if at the early days of my studies I was supposed to be a literary learning literature and poetry and philosophy, studying authors… I’m more than glad to be a member of this family, having brothers all around the world and doing right good things like donate blood to save lives. I greet very low. Thanks to everyone hope this is the first step of a perfect race! Regards.

Baye Demba DIAGNE From Senegal

My Name is Yahaya Adam Salihu ,i am from Nasarawa State in Nigeria, working in Lagos with Arba’u ., The first day i heard about about MCB i felt happy because am always wanting to help people once i came across MCB i felt like to joint the group and to promote it to the next level.

Yahaya Adam Salihu From Nigeria

Assalamualaikum, hi everybody, my name is Donnie Zacharia. I’m from Indonesia, the beautiful country where 225 million muslim live here as majority. I’m a financial market analyst, majoring in foreign exchange and commodities future trading. Outdoor activity is my favourite, like sport-soccer, basketball, volleyball- including hikking and climbing. I also love to do social care activity. Fund raising, blood drive/donor, orphan house visite etc. The first time I read about MCB is around April 2011. It was Mr.Bilal Markis who shocking me with the story behind MCB. It’s about hope, miracle, and the power of pray. The full story of it you can read the website. Kadarullah/Allah willing, I met Bilal Markis on December 2011. What a warm and friendly guy. MCB is taught us many things. One of them is helping people with blood drive or blood donor. Every second in this whole world people need blood to safe life. Frankly, I’ve been a blood donor since year of 1997. I love it, coz it healthy. To promote MCB in Indonesia, I will organize MCB blood drive event. In shaa Allah, it will be held on August. For the time being, I’m spreading MCB through Facebook, BBM and clubs. And as a Mountain lover, I and my team are going to climb the highest mountain in Java. In shaa Allah we will raise and wave the MCB flag on the top. Last but not least, in this opportunity I would like to ask you guys, let’s spread the spirit of MCB. BarakAllahu.

Donnie Zacharia From Indonesia

My Name is Nasrat khan and I am 35 years old young man, I belong from KPK, Pakistan. Being a commerce graduate I have spent most of my time working with Non Profit Organizations include National and international Organization, but currently I am teaching in some private institutions in my locality. Beside it, we have established a Non Profit Organization at our village level named “Welfare Organization Aboha” in 2012, and I have been selected as a President of the Organization by our General/Executive Bodies. For the first time when I have read about MCB “Miracle comeback” story I was so impressed and thought to join MCB to help needy people. I have planned to Promote MCB in my country by creating awareness sessions and mobilization regarding blood donations among the people. I am very grateful to be a family member of MCB and I appreciate Mr Bilal Markis “Founder of the MCB for their tired less efforts to promote MCB in the world.

Nasrat khan From Pakistan

I am Amy Ndao Diop i live in Senegal particulary in this city i am a student at the University Cheikh Anta Diop i am at the English Department in license 2. I heard about the MCB story and it shocked me by the story that had happened Bilals son Rasheed and by that way i start following their steps and being part of MCB member. I would like now to participate to the great work the MCB family is doing how by organizing blood donation in hospitals.

Ndao Diop From Senegal

My name is Abdullah Njai from The Gambia. Am a native of Banjul the capital city where I grew up. Am an electrical engineer by profession ; also founder and president at UNITY FOUNDATION a charity and humanitarian organisation in Gambia ( and one the most active ). We do many charity works helping the needy and also do blood donation drives. I heard about MCB from a friend Ayo who then linked me with mr Markis who happens to be a wonderful guy indeed. After a discussion with him and a briefing about the whole idea how MCB came about; I was really inspired and thrilled. I will do my best to be part of this wonderful initiative and will hopefully partner my foundation with MCB the soonest. Long live MCB Love Abdullah Gambia Smiling coast Africa

Abdullah Njai From Gambia

My name is Dismas Lyassa, currently working in full time bases as the Director of Communications at the Global Education Link. Also as Assistant Editor at Majira newspaper published by Business Times Limited. Also President and co founder of Christians Journalists Tanzania Chapter. Chief Executive officer/owner of Global Source Watch and founding president of TZAID; Tanzania Agency for International Development.Why I have joined MCB is because of her desire to assist people in need of blood, which to me is something very crucial. I contested for the position of Member of Parliament (I got NO:next Opportunity Results in the party stage), but one of the idea was to assist people through having clear blood banks in Tanzania as it seems as among the serious problem. I am an award winning journalist/editor, respected and famous, I promise to use my ability to work hand in hand to accomplish MCB plans.

Dismas Lyassa From Tanzania

Hey there. My name is *Elhadji Gueye* from Senegal I am the general manager of *Jeego Agency* a structure of artistic, communication and event management. I have integrated *MCB* because it is a noble cause that can save lives; With my team we have set up *MCB Senegal*, a tentacle of *MCB Global* and are working to expand it around the world. Our next goal is to organize *blood donation campaigns* at least every 4 months inchallah this in accordance with the philosophy of MCB World. We invite any willingness to save lives to join our cause. *Give blood and save lives!* Salam!

Elhadji Gueye From Senegal

Hi, my name is Issa Hussen a.k.a Issa Mlandani, i am from Arusha region Tanzania eastern of Africa.am expert of tanzanite germstone ahs germ cutter and sorter @tanzanite one mining company Since I became MCB member of the non profit organization, I feel so grateful and feel so humble to join for free contribution on blood drives with different colleagues regional wide, countrywide and worldwide Alhumdulilah, My plans for MCB in Tanzania is to mobilise this non stop aamal and motivating people on the importance toward volunteer in case of blood donation for our community endlessly. I love you all on behalf of MCB founder Bro Bilal Markis Let’s stand as one ummah

Issa Hussen From Tanzania

MCB is an international NGO that touch the life of people.especially the people who need blood to survive and promote people to achieve their goals. I’m feeling so happy today for joining such a great NGO. My plains for MCB Ghana this year is to organise a MCB Ride for Life Ghana bicycle ride for your health and to remember those who died and who were injured on a bicycle just like the MCB kid Rasheed whose miracle story started MCB. I am also planning on creating my first MCB Ghana blood drive.

Abrother From Ghana From Ghana

My name is Faris Buyungo Bilal likes calling me Faris Banks . I am a 29 year old Ugandan with a 6 months old beautiful daughter “Jenna Yasmeen Faris” named by My brother Bilal Markis . I met Markis in late 2012 , he was my friend on Facebook but we had never had a chat before. One day Markis sent me a long message about his organisation called miracle come back telling me how his beloved son Rasheed Markis was got a tragic accident in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA and I ignored his message for sometime but he never stopped talking to me , it took me some time to understand what he was asking me to do in my country ” organise a blood drive ” . In 2013 January I managed to contact My nearest blood centre “Nakasero Blood Bank ” scheduled an appointment for my blood drive event , started spreading the word and pining up posters on university message boards plus texting the date and the venue for the blood drive to all my phone contacts . People turned up in big numbers and I managed to collect 67 pints of blood . I never felt so happy like I was on the day seeing people donate to help save lives and it was my first time to donate blood too. Since then I have managed to organise 4 blood drives “MCB Uganda Blood Drives” I’m so proud to have opened the eyes of other African countries due to my efforts with help of Bilal Markis right now we are in over 16 countries . Today we are no longer called miracle come back but MCB global . In March I was hosted by the best Chicago blog top radio presenter Ruthann Amerteifio and it was a great interview . It’s shocking if I tell I many hospitals up to today sell blood in Africa to victims and many people die since they can’t afford buying a pint of blood or during the course of raising funds to buy blood . Let’s all raise hands together and fight the selling of blood in Africa imagine Markis was supposed to pay for 46 pints of blood that save his son . Thanks for introducing me to this global cause I’m proud of MCB Global . Sharing is caring let’s keep lending our arms to save others .

Faris Buyungo Bilal From Uganda

I am Nurudeen I’m 30 years of age and living in Kumasi Ghana. I work at Samsung company Abu Sony. My plans in Ghana for MCB i would like to talk about MCB on all the Ghanaian radio stations and the story how it started and how people can join MCB and join me in organising MCB Ghana blood drive’s.

Nurudeen From Ghana

My name is Abdul Rahman Barrie and I live in Sierra Leone(i am a Sierra Leonean) . I work as a Clinical officer for Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF-Spain) I feel so happy about the activities of MCB, it’s a non profit organization targeting young people with passion to save life and I am very much happy to be part that development. I have passion for Blood donation drive cos am a Medical Practitioner and I want MCB to support me in it’s legalization and implementation in my country, Sierra Leone.

Abdul Rahman From Sierra Leone

My name is Abubakar Ballah (Doc Bee). Am from northeastern Nigeria in west Africa. I live in Gombe State. I am a medical doctor by profession. MCB Nigeria has gone along way in sensitizing individuals about the importance of blood donation to save victim of accident and others who may require blood by organizing focal group discussion, foot ball games, making of T-shirts, banners and fliers. The able and focused leadership of Musa Henry assisted by MCB singer B-mosh has done well in publicity. Personally, I intend to organise a blood donor day for MCB at least once this year, collaborate wit other members to make more shirts and posters. Give a health talk on behalf of MCB at least once too. May God help MCB global reach unimaginable height.

Abubakar Ballah From Nigeria
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