“When my dad told me that my brother (Rasheed) was in the hospital I started to really worry, I thought he wouldn’t make it but he did. This is a sign of Allah. I’m really happy that he’s alive and o.k. I didn’t worry too much when he came out of the hospital the first time. Then when I heard that he went to the hospital again, I really worried. When I was in school and somebody asked me, “what happened to your brother”? I told her, and then I started to cry after. I thought that he wasn’t going to make it this time. But I’m happy with the conditions he is in right now.Now I know he’s alright because he’s acting like his usual self like he used to be, like he would tell me to be quite, and is mean like always.But I’m really happy that his conditions are alright, but the one thing I want to say is that he’s ok and doing well.“Yasmeen Markis: (Rasheeds sister)

Yasmeen Markis Rasheed's Sister

“I was SHOCKED! I couldn’t think straight at all when I got the news about my grandson’s accident. I came to Wisconsin as soon as I could, to be with him. When I arrived, the doctors reassured me that he was improving daily. And once I left back to Indiana, I made sure that I told the family not to blame any one for his accident and told my son John(Bilal) to keep me updated on Rasheed’s recovery. I never prayed so much in my life until I found out about this tragedy my Grandson was in. And everyone at my place of employment prayed for him as well. And we are so happy that he is doing so well now. Rasheed I can’t wait to see you soon.”Ann Markis: (Rasheeds Grandmother)

Ann Markis Rasheed's Grandmother

“I am the very proud father of Rasheed and the rest of my children-Tyquan, Khalifah(Elijah), Yasmeen, Ahmed and Hamzah. I want to thank each and every one of you for making Du’a (Praying) for Rasheed’s recovery. I believe in the power of Du’a now more than ever before. Always, Always and Always when thinking about what became of my son; keep in mind that Allah is in control of life and the death. People die in the lazy chair and people have survived falls from many stories high. May Allah reward each and every one of you Ameen!” Bilal Markis: (Rasheeds father) and i am the founder and CEO of the non profit organization called Miracle Come Back(MCB)

Dad of Rasheed

“Thank you Allah for giving my brother Rasheed a second chance to live. I started thinking about life more after this accident that happened. I felt shocked and worried on that night when it happened. This is a miracle of Allah. Allah is the most Powerful and the most Merciful. I am starting to live a much betterlife because of what happened.I am more thankful for what I have now and for what I don’t.” Elijah Markis: (Rasheeds brother)

Elijah Markis Rasheed's brother

“Rasheed’s recovery was a miracle. It was truly a blessing from God. My family and I are so proud of Rasheed. He is an amazing young man. We love him. All our love, Lindsay,Chris and Riley. Lindsay Markis: (Rasheeds cousin) “

Lindsay Markis Rasheed's cousin

“About Rasheed, He got the best medical treatment, He had the best eagerness to survive, and He got the best support from the surrounding loved ones. All three aspects are necessary for curing of illness, and the most necessary was Allah has shown that all the best things were nothing without His willingness. We could see the power of Du’a (Prayer) to get His willingness here.” Nuryanti Basuni: Wife of Bilal Markis and (Rasheeds step mother)

Nuryanti Basuni Rasheed's step mother

“Allah knows the best for us. Absolutely. I believe about that. It is my faith. That’s why, I believe that I can go through everything in this world insaAllah. First I heard about Rasheed’s miracle, it makes me trust more n more to Allah. Lahaulawala kuwataillabillah, there is no strength except from Allah. A boy like Rasheed certainly valuable for the father, especially with the view of Bilal’s personality who really loves his children. Who have never want to lose the person he loves? Definitely no.But with faith and patience Bilal, incessant prayer to God. God heard his prayer. And when faith and patience it done. Allah will give him more. Now, everything seems more beautiful, all appear to be more happy. Why? Because now Rasheed has a mother, Nur Yanti, my cousin brother. They were met by the events he experienced Rasheed. More stories you may ask Bilal. Lately, I’m also facing the same thing. One unfortunate that I never thought before. Amid a struggling effort. My father had to do surgery because of an accident. Requires a lot of fund. The first obvious thing is heartbreaking, but after thinking. Had not the father and mother who had raised the funds are not counted. Surely the funds I spend not much compared to their sacrifice for me so far. I spend funds that I have saved quite a long time, and coupled with the proceeds of those great people (friends of friends on the radio where I work). There are many lessons from this incident. One of them is how incredible the brotherhood of Islam that I have. I’m grateful to work with those special people who gave up his life to preaching Islam. Yes on the radio where I work, they do not just work. They also preach (“dakwah”). Even our leaders say it’s not radio-profit institution is the institution Islamic propagation. Our primary duty is as a preacher or a person who preaches. In addition, of course I’m grateful God strengthens us as a family and getting closer with family, made me more aware of the importance of sacrifice for the elderly. People often think of God when his sad and often neglect to remember Allah when happy. May we not part of them. Amen … Thanks for my beloved brothers and sisters and Nur Bilal. My beloved Rasheed and my big family.” Siti: (cousin of Nuryanti)

Siti cousin of Nuryanti
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