I had this MCB Actor page created , to get people around the globe involved in organising MCB Actors. The people and groups involved in doing this will be promoted on our website here, later be on radio with us and more. My son was saved by 46 people donating and i feel a sense of responsibility to do the same….any questions please go to the contact me page.

I’m known as Bad-J but my real name is Aboubakar Nibaruta I’m an actor, writer, Director and chairman of my organisation AJEB also one of the founder Burundi’s MCB in my work of movie is very difficult because it hardly to get what it needed for making a good movie as I plan sometimes I feel to give up but other time i fight for making try my dream my friends for real in the movie is where i see my good life and I believe I will achieve on my goal. For MCB i’m proud to be one member of this huge family I’ll gain many things. I met here with Bilal now he is my real brother because he is doing many thing for me as he believes in my dreams and i promise MCB that i will do whatever it takes to build our MCB in my country.

Aboubakar Nibaruta From Burundi

Elvis Thao has worn a variety of hats in his past and is currently an up and coming Film Director/Actor/Musician located in Chicago, IL. In his film career, he has starred as a cast member in the Warner Bros. motion picture “Gran Torino” in which he also landed a Hollywood film score. With legendary Director Clint Eastwood under his belt; Elvis is content to expanding his horizons and has gained experience through the long journey. Ever-reinventing himself, the Film Industry is his current interest in which he has also acted with Hollywood actress Bai Ling, Sean Astin, Madison Davenport and on several independent projects, theater, commercial and print. As a Director he is currently shooting a web series “In Search Of….” (The Great American Street Musician) for Reality TV and is also in Post-Production for his short film entitled “Street Boy”, the Rodriguez movie on behalf of his Production company Hand Sewn Productions and is also pursuing Music and Recording. In other areas of his career, Thao also sponsored and was involved in a lot of charities, recreation and volunteer work. He is an activist who works with the community and small organizations. Community involvement and social advocate, public speaker, outreach, workshop and discussion, event coordinator/organizer, plus presenter. He is a graduate of Public Allies (AmeriCorps) 2009 and has a certificate in the Philanthropy Incubator Project from Cardinal Stritch University. He has been hired at many Universities across the states, regionally and has appeared in many publications, radio stations and television news/media, nationally. In the media outlet, he’s even compared to the likes of John Lennon by several critics and journalists – look for him. YOU design yourself. Let’s start the movement. Nominated for Hmong Wisconsin man of the year 2009. Won the 2010 Midwest Urban Empowerment Awards for Asian American Leadership. Top 5 ballot nominee for 88.9 RadioMilwaukee – “Solo Artist of The Year” awards. Received a certificate as an International ‘Top 10’ chart single “Take Me Back” on behalf of IAIRA – a Grammy affiliate 2010.

Elvis Thao From USA

MCB is like a big family which was born for saving lives by giving blood or any kind of help …helping MCB members by promoting them.
I feel so privilegied being part of MCB cauz am well taken……it’s a family in which unity takes the first place……we care about everyone no matter what he is passing through…… we try to understand everyone😊we share everything about Saving lives😊
MCB will be better if we keep being united and keep on promoting it  around the world……  also try to organise more MCB blood drives……collect funds in order to help people.

Orlyne Actress, college student From Burundi, Africa
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