I had this MCB blood drive page created , to get people around the globe involved in organising MCB Athletics. The people and groups involved in doing this will be promoted on our website here, later be on radio with us and more. My son was saved by 46 people donating and i feel a sense of responsibility to do the same….any questions please go to the contact me page.

My name is Henry Hendrix Nosasun , I am from Nigeria( southern Nigeria). I have been studying martial arts(Wushu Style) for 20 years now and traveled to study in Shaolin Temple (China…) I have been National Champion since 2006-2009 I became African Champion… 2015 I became World Champion…. I trained special Military Forces in my country (Nigeria) and Chinese Military self-defense… I have my Martial Arts school named “Jixin Kungfu Academy (Nigeria) and am a member of Miracle Come Back (MCB). Every six months my school is planning to give blood to patients and free gifts for donating… I want my Government to know about MCB….which we promote MCB

Henry Hendrix Nosasun From Nigeria

Yes am interested in MCB. By name i am called Kiyinji Bugembe Mark, am a nation champion kick boxer, a gold medallist from Kenya to Egypt . I live in Makerere Kioni Kampala Uganda I work from Kisasi Ntinda am 21years old. I started kickboxing when I was 13 years old yea my future plan is to to build my carrier so that I become a world champion. I felt sad wen I hard of MCB story.

Kiyinji Bugembe Mark From Uganda

My name is Farouk Daku a pro boxer from Uganda currently based in the Netherlands. I am the current world boxing forum W.B.F world champion. And also the current A.B.U African Boxing Union champion. I started amateur boxing in 1997. In 2000 I won a silver medal for Uganda in pre East African tournament. In 2002 I joined the Rwanda national team. I won a bronze medal for Rwanda in the kings cup tournament in Uganda. In 2004 I won a silver medal for Rwanda in Africa zone 4 championship. Host by Rwanda in the capital kigali… Am soo happy to be part if the MCB team I will always show up the MCB logo when I step in the ring so as to keep the world aware of who is MCB Like last time in Kroatië I told every body these are blood donors and also my sponsors as well just to promote MCB… MCB is such a great team that help other people’s lives because without blood you can’t live. We are proud of this team team one day I want to donate blood as well. I did it in Africa already but now I want to do it through MCB

Farouk Daku From Uganda

Bilal MCB athletes as human beings. MCB is like the family i never had because i feel at home. I believe by God’s grace it will reach far. I’m more of an ambassador to it and I’m MCB myself …i carry the name of it everywhere I go then now and forever..I might not be be rich in money but I’m rich in things that money can not buy that is the love and support they gave me..I will carry MCB name until it reaches every country, city and province in the entire world, I will spread the word about the organization by putting the logo on my kits,my social media updates that is facebook, tweeter, instagram, WhatsApp and lastly every possible way I can..

From Zimbabwe
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