I created this page after i met actor/musician Elvis Thao. Elvis made our first MCB song called (46 pints). Since then we have musicians from Indonesia, Nigeria, Gambia and Mexico. They promote MCB and MCB promotes them. Lately our MCB musicians have been making MCB songs together and this is uniting musicians together that would of never happened i believe if it wasn’t for MCB.

“Blackwolf Enubazz is best known for being the founder of the International band called Kings go Forth and former lead singer. Blackwolf sings ‘GOLDEN DOOR’ with actor/singer Elvis Thao. Elvis is best known for his 2009 role in Clint Eastwood’s most successful movie Gran Torino. ‘GOLDEN DOOR’ is about my son Rasheed who in 2009 was run over by 2 SUV trucks while on his bicycle and survived. Please share the song with all you know so Blackwolf and Elvis can be heard. This is a historical song because it’s the first time in history an African American/Native American Muslim sang with a Hmong American activist/singer. Spread the awesome news. My website is www.miraclecomeback.com”

Elvis Thao From USA

My name is Mohammad Saipul Rohman. People know me as Ipoel. I was born in Kuningan,h Indonesia 31st August 1993. I am a musician, singer, songwriter, composer. IndonesI released 3 songs under MCB music. The power of hope and Kekuatan Harapan with my fellow band. And also Sacrifice with McKilla. MCB united musicians around the world so I have enough spirit and joy to spread my messages with the music.

Mohammad Saipul From Indonesia

“Hats off to Rasheed and his father Bilal. Salute! I honor your courage and integrity. This is a story of survival and triumph. I am truly blessed to know and have gotten to be around the both of you (especially for dinner, it was delicious, haha). Thanks for sharing your story with me. And not only your story, but even better, more about what you are doing now to help this story live on and to help your lives prosper and progress. lives prosper and progress. Although we know the journey within matters the most, the end result has its significance also, indeed. Good luck on that and with everything else between and beyond. The battle has passed, your strengths you’ve shown, you have conquered and accomplish many goals. There’s more to come. Keep striving, keep moving, continue to dream. I’m proud for the both of you. A son’s second chance, a father’s pride , a promising future. Rasheed, I hope you make something of this. You fought for your father and he’s fighting for you. Continue that drive. The fight to live again has passed, you are here now. I hope you fight to further your existence, enhance your human will and take heed to your call of life. I’m sure there is a bigger purpose for you now. May you find that still voice in your heart and the subtle consciousness in your soul. May you discover yourself and overcome all of life’s trials. Something’s out there and it is ready for you. It’s bigger than this, it’s bigger than us, search and find it. And I’m excited to hope and see you find what that exactly is. I can’t wait. Good luck on your journey and even bigger luck on the end result. May your days be fruitful and your destiny fulfilled.You don’t owe anyone, anything. You owe it to yourself. Finish the race, make your mark. I’ll be at the finish line cheering you on. Your story has inspired and sparked a fuel in my life. Best of luck to the days and the morrows. Never stop. Carpe diem: seize the day. And please, keep in touch.”

Carpe Diem From USA

Hello to every one! My name is Carlos Jose Olivares Luna. I was born in Fort Worth Texas in February of 1971..and raised in Michaocan Mexico. i speak Spanish and English. I started playing music at the age of 11 years old, I play congas ,drums, guitar, and sing. I joined MCB because of my very good friend Bilal Markis after hearing the story about his son it really touch me .. Im glad to be a part of this organization. If i can help with MCB with making music I’ll be happy and meet people around the world thanks to everyone hasta la vista. See all soon.

Carlos Jose Olivares Luna From USA

My name is Momodou mballow Nick name Mc Mballow Rap name Mc Kila. Gambian by nationality. Born 06/10/1982. Am a rapper and a business man. Being a rapper since 1998 and a business man since 2011. When I first hard about MCB and the ideas around it I felt so happy knowing that there is somewhere around the world doing what I want to do which is help the needy expecally the sick or people that need instant blood. I am in the same similar movement in The Gambia with group members and is call hip hop heads. We do blood drives and blood donation sensitization country wide and always hoping to make it go world wide. MCB helps us realize that there are people all over the globe doing the same and gives us opportunity to know them and feel the love they also have for the job. I thank Bilal Markis for coming up with this great idea due to his experience and I hope everyone will one day understand is champagne to make the world free from blood chaos. Thank you MC KILA

Momodou Mballow From Gambia

Gambia, West Africa Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop Record Label: Warrior Musik Influences: Real life In time when many acts weren’t quite clear on continuing the real tradition of Hip Hop in The Gambia, Poetic X, a three man army ‘emcees’ (Ayo, Bilal Binkebba and Abu Qais) went against all to prove that Hip Hop can be a tool to bring about change in the communities. They organize charity concerts for elementary schools and all proceeds are given to the schools. They collaborated with the National Blood Transfusion Services on various blood drive projects. Their lyrics mainly centers on burning issues affecting the people, especially the youths among others. They are one of the most respected ‘emcees’ and have earned their stripes in the Hip Hop community as well as gain the confidence of the music lovers. The music scene in The Gambia witnessed a turning point when their most anticipated debut album “Yonbeh Gudone” was released in June 2011. The most talked about songs in the album are “Sunu Dekala” which talks about corruption, nepotism, deforestation among other issues dragging the country backward, and “Black Woman” a popular song which reaffirms black Africans’ sense of pride buzzing the populace. In April 2014, they released a mixtape entitled “Lujot Yoomba” without Abu Qais. The most popular song on that mixtape is a storytelling song entitled “Abu Mahoud” featuring one of Gambia’s finest female singer Ruggie. Abu Mahoud is rated as the best storytelling song ever to be released in Gambian music history. It all started back in 2000, when Ayo, Abu Qais and BMG came together and formed Poetic X with the mission statement of making the voice of the young people heard. After a while BMG quitted rapping and they decided to join forces with another influential rap group widely known as Pepper House Crew to build a solid squad of “rhymers” called ‘Bulldoff Army’ Sensitive and Big U later joined the Army followed by the invitation of the prolific freestyle battle rapper known as Bilal Bin Kebba who in 2004 was a solo artiste. In early 2005, they dropped a promotional song called ‘Wulajanjara’ featuring Afro Manding sensation Sambou Susso. The video gave a vivid story about forced and arranged marriages that exist among tribes. ‘Wulajanjara’ gained tons of air-play on the local television and radio stations in the Gambia and Senegal. In 2007 Poetic X took a break following the sudden death of Bulldoff’s producer/sound engineer Pa Modou Jammeh, who was supposed to produce their debut album. Around late 2008 they made a comeback with the song “Buga Dem” featuring Sir X, Big Ams and Flex Man’(about illegal migration) and another street joint “Building The Streets” both songs were released on the first Senegambian Hip Hop compilation, DK/BJL produced by Artistik Musik. In early 2010 Poetic X collaborated with Artistik Music and co-produce their debut album entitled “Yonbeh Gudone” which was released on June 2011. In 2014, they were awarded by The Gambia government, UN Volunteers and UNDP on world volunteer day for the voluntary projects they embarked on over the years. They recently collaborated with a longtime fan to setup an independent record label called Warrior Musik and all their products are intended to be release under that label from now on, including their upcoming ‘Dega Dou Heawi’ EP which is schedule to be released on before the end of 2017 summer In-Shaa-Allah. CONTACT: +220 / 3773570 / 7883570 / 3177855 EMAIL:poeticXgambia

POETIC X From Gambia

Hello my name is Clovis. I am a member of the MCB Brasil group. Let us plant the group’s goal in the hearts of the good people and help the world

Clovis From Brazil
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